What we perceive is what we believe. A meaningful movie or a web series or a TV show becomes successful when it confirms the beliefs or perceptions of the target audiences or the perspective of the target audiences. The core differentiating factor is the perspective with which the filmmaker addresses the theme, subject, and treatment he gives. His understanding of the pulse of the target audience by going deep down under their skin makes it a real success.

Vashishth Upadhyay

He is having 19 years of hardcore experience in the creative direction and production.  He is wonderfully gifted, highly talented, and a vivid storyteller.  He is a visual dreamer and has a habit of visualizing every minute detail at the storyboard stage itself and managing execution of the shoot perfectly as planned. He has also many laurels on his credit being the co-founder of Wideangle Studios and has produced many TVCs and films for leading brands.

Sajid Malik

He is a go-getter, a planner, and a dynamic professional. At Wardwizard Entertainment he is responsible for  managing project planning, financer relations, project budgeting, and overall management of resources.

Shahid Pathan

He is having 20 years of rich experience in the production of commercial filmmaking, production of electronic news media, and advertising film production.  He is an astute thinker, conceptualist, and detail-oriented professional.  His core competence is to identify the right talent, casting, and efficient project execution.  He has many laurels on his credit as a co-founder of Wideangle Studios and has produced many TVCs and documentaries for national brands.